He-he, to all of you who commented on my empty swimming pool pictures here is the video where you can see me practicing for my swim-diploma-A.

By the way in the video are also some people I met yesterday, but alas, crazy Casio camera that I love so much just does not like to listen and the sound is simply lost in some parts. I was so mad when I noticed it. Why, why, why does it happen when I do have another 2 cameras that never make a mistake? Well, I am so bonded with my Casio since it is so quick and if I want to shoot a movie it takes only one button to press. Canon on the other hand is a bit more complicated and takes time to start the cam, turn the wheel for different modes, adjust the white balance, aperture and booooo it’s 3 minutes gone…

Anyway, a long walk in the city again, Planetarium, Aquarium, Macy’s and Bloomingdales….and of course I met a few people Greg, Prof. Dario (Italian orig.) of microbiology from the University of Chicago. In Bloomingdales I went to a boutique of Yolanda Lorente where I bought something. Later on Mrs. Lorente came in and we had a nice girl talk. I recorded more than 15 minutes video but as I say just a little bit is with sound. But I can not turn the time back so this is it for now.



And there was Independence day – July 4th 2011.

My first 4th of July ! My Independence-Day-virginity is over :)!

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HA, they should have come to Holland for New Years Eve to learn something about our fireworks. But aside of that it was nice, energetic thousands of people gathered on the 25,48 km long Lake Shore to watch these fireworks. I could smell BBQ and see mountains of garbage witnessing how Americans make it a big celebration. To my surprise it took about 20 minutes and it seemed too short comparing to our two hour shows.

In the video you can see beautiful harbor where we went to and watch the show. It was just wonderful to go out and see it all.

Lazy and very exiting day in front of a TV.

What? Yep, it was better than a movie and still not finished. Just too curious about the final judgment:


I am still “underwater” and my ears are still not stereo. I will wait with the jazz lessons another few days. It’s anyway my vacation time.

We had a big storm two days ago. Some parts of Chicago stayed without power till today. I spent walking around the neighborhood and spent some time with my friend talking mostly about our mutual interests and things that occupy our daily lives now days.

On Friday I also met again with one of my first students who lives here in Chicago and works as a violin teacher.

I did not make any pictures until today since there was some overcast and the light was not right in my opinion.

This morning Jelena took me to Hinsdale where she had to give a piano lesson to one of her students. We noticed some aftermath of the storm with lot of fallen threes on the sides of the road.

Hinsdale is a beautiful small town (Chicago suburb) with an old city center like I remember from the tv show long time ago called Payton Place. She dropped me in the town center. I walked around the little park, the wonderful big library and I entered some shops that were open. This library looked also like the city hall from the movie Back To The Future with the Town Clock and I was wondering weather I was in a movie or it was a present tense. Oh, and there was a cute railroad station too.

I did not expect to see crowded streets but on some points there was really not a single soul walking around. The reason could be the official beginning of summer vacations and also Independence Day weekend. Who would know?

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After all the weather changed and we had a tropical day today going up to 35 C.

We made dinner, my recipe as we called a “Camping Dish”. It was made of some local ingredients and it turned out just fine like at home.

I figured out that the cigarettes cost close to 10 $ WAY way way too expensive to buy any more packages. After all smoking is not in the fashion anymore. I’ll be a good girl, I promise.

Wanna see more? Go and watch these two videos that took more than 7 hours to upload to YouTube. Hallelujah! Thats where the rest of the time went to, now I know.

Keywords± Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Lake Shore




Day 2

I am still enjoying my under-water Chicago. My ears are still sound proof and I think I will need to start learning some lip reading 🙂

After a lazy day editing the video from the previous day and Jelena started her special piano practicing I decided it was time to run away from home.

I took the buss to the town and made a nice 2,5 hour walk from the State street, Millennium Park, along Michigan Avenue till Hancock Tower, Hotel Drake and Water Tower. There were some interesting moments you can see in the video I just posted.

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So there I am again flying over the Ocean. All went well, except I slept only two hours the night before the trip.

The flight went all according to the plan. But, I could not have a moment of sleep since screaming kids running all over the plane were so disturbing. I tried to watch 2 movies and a concert. Finally I passed all customer control and really exhausted arrived to the destination after  more than 12 hours on the road all together. I made a small video of the shots of the day.

A girl with a long hair, screaming kids and some strange practicing piano of my friend Jelena… ha-ha are the highlights of this video.

BTW. I am totally deaf today. My ears are not “stereo” anymore  ha-ha probably need some rinsing I think. Chicago sounds like underwater!




Two Days Left

Two days left till my trip.


Everything is washed, almost everything is ready, me too. It will take another hour to pack everything. Therefore you really have to think smart. I always think a small suitcase would be enough and than at the end I would always find myself carrying another 3 hand bags full of nonsense. This time I really have to be smart and carry only the most essential things I will need in a month time.

Last time I had to pay 50$ for every other handbag. I was shocked, but managed to build it like a tower. The biggest bag  under, smaller in the big one and the smallest on the top.  I was like a magician struggling not to loose anything since it could just fold out by itself any moment.  In that case I would wish that some MR. Big would show up and help me pick it up ha-ha. Was not necessary after all, but I learned my lesson.

Now I have a bigger suitcase to give for checking in and a smaller one to fit under my feet to carry it in the plane. I hope it will be light this time with all real most important things to carry with me while flying. Not more.  Oops, wait how about my laptop, iPhone, iPod, two photo camera’s, one video camera..? I would for no money leave my toys to the beasts on the airport who smash with suitcases like they are full of potato’s……hmmm that will fit but how about all stupid wires, chargers that go with it? Not to forget net adopter for USA. Pffft….

Some Albert-Heijn plastic bags will be great for packing the shoes, dirty laundry on the trip back home. I secretly hope I will catch some  season SALE in Chicago end of June. NO, I promise myself I will not come back home with another additional bag. Would my kids start asking: Where are our gifts from America? Booooo!

Will see what the time brings, and what mama will bring home of course!