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There was so much fun going on in Chicago. Work at the piano lessons was also intense. However, making video’s was still going on only the Internet connection was very slow and I just could not make the time to write something or edit any of the videos anymore.

The weather was also not really of any help since it varied from extreme thunderstorms to heath going into 110 / 39C. I searched for some cooling in the malls, movie theaters. My favorite was to just step in any buss going South, than change for another one that went to the North again.

I must say that the first bus stop going to the city was to go to McDonalds and have a nice ice-coffee “Frape”!  I loved it soooo much.

You-tubers Nerdfighter Gathering of 2011 was July 22 at 2:22. I came there a bit earlier and found some kids sitting on the pavement just beside “The Bean”. I was there waiting for Dan Brown (POGOBAT), a young 22 y.o. you-tuber vlogger whom I follow already a few years. Actually, ever since his video about his solving the Rubik’s cube. Dan is a very clever, thoughtful guy who is way too mature for his age. He likes to think deeper about lot of topics and especially about universe, religion and politics. I can say it here he might be a future president of the United States of America some day! I really wanted to meet him there but after 40 minutes I left since he did not come. Later I saw videos of the others who posted their footages that he actually came but about an hour later. Too bad for me! I had a list of questions I wanted to ask him and make a little interview with him. Next time I hope to be on one of the places to actually meet him. He is shaping the future young generation influencing viewers to react on the actualities and other important topic’s.

Here you can see my little video about Nerdfighter Gathering 2011 in Chicago.


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Busy days! Indeed, I was trying to cool off a bit after a few days with temperature above 30C even at night.

I made some nice pictures and there is a movie about the last music shop in Chicago and Jim who runs it. This is what he told me about jazz in Chicago:

I also had my first jazz piano lesson here and I must say my sweet teacher was very kind and thank god he understood what I needed to hear. He gave me an assignment to practice…hmmm I hope I will make some time for that these days. But alas Chicago is such a temptation and I still have more to see.

Today Jelena and me went to the studio and a shop of Mrs. Yolanda Lorente. We made there a wonderful footage that I will have to edit and post later when I come back home since I made more than one hour movie interviewing her. It will be actually a portrait of Mrs. Lorente in all her spontaneity, grace and also showing her artistic nature, kindness and joy of life.

Off I go to town now… (it’s 4pm) and catch up some Chicago happenings while the day time.

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Not too much to say, a very hot day, most of the time inside the house. Evening at the beach…

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Independence Day 2011

And there was Independence day – July 4th 2011.

My first 4th of July ! My Independence-Day-virginity is over :)!

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HA, they should have come to Holland for New Years Eve to learn something about our fireworks. But aside of that it was nice, energetic thousands of people gathered on the 25,48 km long Lake Shore to watch these fireworks. I could smell BBQ and see mountains of garbage witnessing how Americans make it a big celebration. To my surprise it took about 20 minutes and it seemed too short comparing to our two hour shows.

In the video you can see beautiful harbor where we went to and watch the show. It was just wonderful to go out and see it all.

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Hello 🙂

I am new here. I just opened this blog/vlog. Don’t know exactly how it works but it seems not so complicated comparing to any Beethoven piano sonata…haha

PS (I will add more about myself later)

By the way I am planing a trip to USA/Chicago this summer. I will be visiting some colleagues and will try to broaden my life musical journey by learning more about improvising jazz on the piano. I will be posting here my daily journal with pictures and video’s.

So stay tuned and enjoy my trip stories, feel free to add your comments and make me happy by suggesting anything you think I should see and do in Chicago this summer.

OK so let’s go now and try to find some special fair flights Amsterdam – Chicago …


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